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inner window

12  /   03  /   2021

She looked into the window,

To the outside, a feeling bringing her down low.

Fear, terror, things you only need to let go.

Screams from the inside.

A simple design hiding the world of terrors on the other side.

A glass barrier from what is sent to destroy you.

Resisting, hesitating, paralyzing, not knowing what to do.

A window by the woods, withholding an industrialized city,

Beyond the trees, your unmet emotional needs, feeling fear inside of me.

The terrors on the outside mirrored the worst fears within.

Terrible, consuming, and unleashing all that has been held in.

The window makes her feel far from the things that want to destroy her.

Distance, space, danger far away from the remainder,

Of hope in the heart,

Bravery in the belly, authoring a new start.

Fear as a reminder of what not to let win.

Overcoming the gruesome terrors within.

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