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Featured Artist: Premie Nair

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Premie Nair is a Writer, Poet and Blogger. She has a full-time career, which she has spent most of her life building whilst at the same time finding and discovering her passion for writing. Life’s experiences have taught her to be kind, humble, compassionate, and patient. Finding balance between her work, family, and writing has been both challenging and a blessing. Through her written work, she hopes to share with others that life is not only a place of hurt, pain, and suffering but it is also an amazing place filled with wonders, blessings, and abundance.

What does poetry mean to you?

Poetry to me are songs of the soul waiting to be written.

What inspires your poetry?

The many different emotions that comes along while experiencing life. These emotions allow me to feel many things, joy, passion, compassion, intrigue, love, etc. To me, emotions are what connects us to life. Otherwise we are just a bunch of beings going through the motion of living.

Which are most important to you: (1) joy, (2) peace, (3) patience, (4) kindness, (5) self-control, (6) faithfulness, (7) gentleness, (8) love, or (9) goodness? If you can, explain why.

Kindness - Throughout my life, people have taken advantage of my kindness while others have told me not to be so kind, but I truly believe kindness is rare. For me, kindness happens at a far deeper level than being beautiful or nice. Not everyone can be kind.

Faithfulness - I truly believe in loyalty and faithfulness. No matter what it is whether my job, friendships or a relationship I believe in being faithful. Not being faithful, to me, is similar to dishonesty. You're not being true to yourself and to the other party if you're not faithful.

Patience - In life, patience is the most important skill. When you are patient, you can manage any situation and wait for the right things to come to you.

What sort of things are you looking forward to improving this year?

This year, I'm putting more work and focus on my fitness and spirituality. Both are necessary as I grow older. Picking up better exercising and eating habits as well as more time meditating, doing yoga and journaling.

What is one big dream you have?

Through my writing, I want to share how I see life in its entirety. Not just as a place of hurt, pain and suffering but also a place of abundance, wonders and blessings. I truly want to share this with others.


As delicate as the soft petals of summer roses,

Its’ fragrance merely mild to the wild jasmine of the forest,

Still enchanting to conceive it,

Though the changing season withers it,

Causing its leaves to grey.

The ticking of time does not age,

Instead, creating a string of strength and courage, to bind,

Like a song and rhyme in complete unison,

A gentle familiarity,

Simple as the rising sun,

Each day leaves us behind,

With a reflection of everything beautiful,

A perfect reminder,

Of a special someone, called you.

Find Premie here:

instagram @a_writer's note


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Rebecca Gellars
Rebecca Gellars
Oct 04, 2021

Great read thannkyou

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