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Featured Artist: Adwaita Das

Adwaita Das is an author and artist from India, Planet Earth. She studied English literature and film direction; worked in theatre, news, cinema and advertising. Her books of poetry and short stories—27 Stitches, Songs Of Sanity and Colours Of Shadow—deal with the human psyche. Her art explores mindfulness. She has illustrated affirmation pieces for Volume Two in the Mindscape Series: Young Mental Health. Adwaita facilitates creative sessions for mental awareness and wellbeing with cathartic doodles and writing. Coming soon is her collection of literary science-fantasy tales!

What does poetry mean to you?

In one word: breathing. There would be no me, if there were no poetry. Poems helped me cope with events and emotions; they handled my triggers and disorders; they kept me alive. 21 Stitches and Songs Of Sanity, my books of poetry, deal with matters of mental health. Words—read and written—have always been friend, therapist, guardian and Goddess Divine put together. They are my Super-Allies. Throughout human history, the strength of words composed side by side has brought revolution, changed the course of civilisation, over and over again. Poetry is the power of life.

What inspires your poetry?

Writing poems began as an urgent need to express my overwhelming thoughts. Bottling emotions has long been glorified. But I had to put pen to paper, let out the barbed sensations from within, carving them into words, so I could get some release, some relief, some understanding of what I was going through. This became a part of me: processing life via poetry. The oceanic tangle in the brain—I pour onto pages—I see who I am, what I believe, how I grow. And a surprise gift…in the lines and between them…I notice the world evolving, slowly but steadily, into a compassionate, inclusive and equal space. Personal experience is the core inspiration of my poetry.

What is most important to you (of the given choices)? If you can, explain why.

Peace. Peace is the ultimate goal. Human society is rooted in primal fear. It is easier to worry about how bad it can get, rather than ponder over best possibilities. Overcoming this anxiety entangled in our cellular structure is difficult indeed. Yet, a prosperous future requires peace-making and peace-keeping. A future without war. A future of global ease. Which means, we humans would have to feel peaceful within. One can’t force change on others. What I can do is cultivate inner peace in me.

What sort of things are you looking forward to improving this year?

I am opening my self to the infinite expansion of progress. There is more creativity brewing across the earth than ever before. I look forward to exploring-embracing-enjoying new possibilities in creative fields, especially to share tales and tools of self-healing.

What is one big dream you have?

I wish for all to be well and everyone to be happy. Inner Peace and World Peace. I include myself, of course, in this total celebration of love, joy and great abundance across our planet.

SEA sister

Let’s not go there.



no. and NOT. not not not.


Take that turn,


Unremember the land.

Where the fish fly

With secret smiles,

The stones are sand,

The water is waves,

SEA sister sees

To my safety;

Let’s go THERE.

Here is the link with all the major links to my books, artworks, videos and more:

My social media handles are:

IG - @adwaita.das

Twitter - @adwaita_one

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