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Featured Artist: Mahika Bansal

Living in Moradabad, a city of North India, Mahika Bansal is a 15 years young teen poet with enormous dreams just like all other growing buds of her age.

As an artist, Mahika tries to compose poetry that speaks about the beauty of the world as well as the dark side of life. She is a creator of ideas, floating in the sparkling sea of imagination.

Inking her thoughts by the name Mahik’s, she pens down words framing a poetic message to the world. Emotions flowing deep inside, she aims to express every tear and every smile in this world.

She is a newbie songwriter as well. She had her first songwriting experience back in 2020 and she wishes to explore more into the field.

She loves experimenting with words and tries to create her every piece with originality and passion. She also explores new thoughts and endeavors to learn more and more.

She aims at publishing her book in 2021 and is all set to ride on the future adventures!

What does poetry mean to you?

Poetry is beautiful and is the most amazing language in the world. It's a whole different language.

Poetry to me is a way of engaging with an audience to spread out "the voice of unheard." I like to portray the ideas which are difficult for some people to express or are less bothered about, in the form of poetry.

Sometimes, it's about the beauty of the small things in the world. On the flip side, I also write about the darkness present around.

I prefer to pick up discrete themes and ink it in a poetic way to deliver a message.

In a nutshell, I try to capture in my poems, what might be left unnoticed by others.

Poetry is my way of talking, And it's my own little world. This term is more vast than our imagination! But I'm keen to learn.

What inspires your poetry?

Everything around inspires me. I believe that we can grasp inspiration from everywhere. There's a story in everything and everyone, it's just our focus and view that matters.

I believe that there's some good in everything. And we can be inspired by whatever we see or hear. We can take our inspiration from even the hopeless!

And so, my poetry is inspired by everything indirectly or directly. The proportion consists of all what I have noticed so far in my 15 years of breathing.

Which are most important to you: (1) joy, (2) peace, (3) patience, (4) kindness, (5) self-control, (6) faithfulness, (7) gentleness, (8) love, or (9) goodness? If you can, explain why.

I guess all the qualities are much needed to live a prosperous and successful life. But of course, no soul is perfect. Everyone has some flaws.

If I were to choose any one quality, then it would be nothing in the above options, but SATISFACTION. A satisfied person automatically has a heaven-like life. And to me, it's the most important. Everything else is human nature and a part of personal qualities.

What sort of things are you looking forward to improving this year?

Well... there's a scope for betterment in everything. I guess I need to balance every aspect and so, in a way, I need to improve in every flaw, in whatever I do or say.... basically all aspects!

What is one big dream you have?

I have goals, not dreams. Dreams are for dreaming about, goals are for achieving!

So one big goal I have is publishing my own anthology book this year i.e. roughly around August 2021. Date/month is not finalised yet, but I hope it will be sometime in 2021 itself.


a deep cry within my heart my feet stood still before could I start a scary thought within my mind that left me numb, blank and blind a miserable noise heard my ears I shut 'em down and shed in tears A shock was there in my hair that feel was weird, solemn and rare my tongue was cut and heart gloom I jerk my hand and left the room my name in headlines was all I wished before well, I still got my treat, but 'twas sore that day set an insane score thy touchdown 'twas, but mine, a slip on the floor those talks for me still pinch my soul I hear them till date and it breaks me whole "where I was", "when was it" don't ask, it just that I quit 'cause if I share the full tale with you, all we'll hear is "boooooooo...." for I let ye know, I managed that time, but again can't I I won't get up that stage to those stupid smiles or I'll break anew for the same thing alike that night, when I stopped to sing

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Rati Bansal
Rati Bansal
May 01, 2021

Good work Katie ... It's wonderful to see how u support and motivate newbie ... Wonderful thoughts Mahika

Mahika Bansal
Mahika Bansal
May 03, 2021
Replying to

Awww... the feeling is likewise. You're awesome❣❣


Mahika Bansal
Mahika Bansal
Apr 27, 2021

So glad to be featured on your site! It has been such a great experience. Your questions gave me a deep insight and I'm honored to have this opportunity to collaborate with you!

I, literally, can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me!

Honored, pleased, blessed, and thankful to be featured on this site! Thanks a lot, dear!

Wish to continue the friendship for life! 🙏


Mahika Bansal (Mahik's)

Katie Moran
Katie Moran
Apr 30, 2021
Replying to


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