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Featured Artist: Elizabeth TenHouten

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Elizabeth TenHouten is a poet. Often writing about heartbreak, she stays true to her art as autobiographical. Her haunting words are deeply personal and reference everything from the birth to the death of a relationship. She composes her lyrical poetry with soul and opens up her world for the reader to observe, so they feel like they have a glimpse into her heart. Her poetry book, Broken Beating Heart is primed for an upcoming release.

When did you first discover poetry?

I first discovered my love of poetry when I was 10 years old and my dad introduced me to Edgar Allen Poe. I began reading a lot of poetry and then at that age also began to write my own. 

Who is your favorite poet and why?

My favorite poet is e.e. cummings, because he captures the tales of love within such beautiful metaphors.

What was the hardest part about writing your poetry book?

Definitely determining when it was done!  I had so much that I had to express that there was no way the book could be finished while I kept writing. I finally went into editing mode and eliminated some of my poems I didn't love as much as the others.  The poems that became my book are most certainly my favorites!

How long did it take you to complete your poetry manuscript?

3 years of expression, poetic writing, and editing!

When are you most inspired to write poetry?

It's funny, it's usually either right when I open my eyes, or even the moments before that, or as I'm closing my eyes to fall asleep. So, I wake myself up and get my phone and go to the notes section and write the poem. I am also very inspired after taking a yoga class, and often have to pull over so that I can write a poem down. Art inspires me! If I am at a museum or a gallery, I will most definitely have writing material.

OCEAN HEARTBEAT I’m capsized in slow motion, you're taking me over, Drowned in your wet embrace, How tenderly you caress my face, You taught me how to breathe underwater, Sometimes I feel like I am drowning, cannot find the air to keep me afloat. I am tackling the tides; up against an angry moon, Lungs don’t matter: I’m filled   with love keeping me afloat- eyes that capture clearly every coral in its intensely colorful reefs, electric blue hues,  chartreuse creatures,  sea urhins’ spiny spears unmoved by the seas soft waves, I breathe with you inside me, spinning around with the direction of the ocean  in control, living in the deepest ends, inhaling our salt  like it is my only breath that keeps us here I never want to surface from our depths. 

Find Elizabeth here:

Instagram: @elizabeths_poetry_music

Twitter: @ETenHouten

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