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Featured Artist: Manju S.M.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

I am Manju S.M., from India. I am a Genetic Brain Profiling Counsellor and an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner by profession and a blogger at ( I post short stories and poems in my blog. I also cover parenting and personal well-being topics in my blog. I am also working on my debut-novel which I am hoping to get published sometime next year. On the personal front, I am a very simple person, a loving wife, caring friend and dutiful mom of two dashing little princes. You can follow me on my social handles to know further about me and my works.

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What does poetry mean to you?

A poetry to me is an art out of words. A labyrinth where the writer finds himself and the reader loses himself.

What inspires your poetry?

Most of my poems are inspired from my life's experiences or emotions or events happening around me that have made an impact on me.

Which are most important to you: (1) joy, (2) peace, (3) patience, (4) kindness, (5) self-control, (6) faithfulness, (7) gentleness, (8) love, or (9) goodness? If you can, explain why.

To me, the most important things are:

1. Love - because it is the universal healer. Love teaches us to be nice and kind towards others.

2. Self-control: because it teaches us to be right and do right even when the circumstances permit us to go astray.

3. Joy: Joy and happiness I get in little things in life like getting drenched in rain or chatting with my friend, those are my quick rejuvenation camps. These are essential parts of everybody's life.

What sort of things are you looking forward to improving this year?

On the personal front, I want to evolve as a more confident person, overriding my self-doubting and self-limiting thoughts. I am also working on improving my emotional management skills.

What is one big dream you have?

I am working on establishing myself as an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. My one big dream is I want to be successful in this field and be the reason for other people's happiness. I want to be able to make a positive impact and difference in the lives of people.

Spanking is one of the widely used strategies to discipline a child. But, have we ever realised the impact we leave on the kids in doing so. Here’s a little poem depicting it:

Just a Spank

Was just a spank

Or so do they say.

But there, a part of the child

Died a cruel death that day.

“No, don’t,” they had told

“Stop there,” they had yelled.

And now, there he remained

By their words, chained.

Why couldn’t he

Be loved for what he was

Was he so bad?

He hardly ever knew.

Thus, to him was dealt

A severe blow.

His confidence and self-esteem

Fell to a new low.

And now they fret

At every single breath- that

They are yet to see

An independent him.

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Delia Peterson
Delia Peterson
22 dic 2020

What a great poem about spanking. I really like how she defines or sees poetry for the writer and the reader.

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